• Synthesizing
    Therapeutic Future

    We will continue to discover new drug candidates
    through ceaseless research and development.

the Cure.

The Future of Biotechnology ANYGEN is highly competitive with innovative and
original technologies in development and production
of therapeutic peptides

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  • GMP Peptides

    ANYGEN CO., LTD. can provide high quality generic peptide produced by GMP facility at low price.

  • Generic Peptides

    ANYGEN CO., LTD.’s GMP plant is the first plant in Korea to produce peptide APIs, which has been completed over three years of preparation and construction period. As a result, all facilities and infrastructure necessary for the synthesis, purification, drying and quality control of peptide drug ingredients are established.

  • Custom Peptides

    ANYGEN CO., LTD. has been providing various kinds of high-quality peptides that the customer desires quickly by using rich experience of peptide synthesis and optimal synthesis technology.

  • Catalog Peptides

    Catalog Peptide is a research peptide widely known for its physiological activity such as Hormone, Neuropeptide, Antibiotic peptide and Neurotoxin. ANYGEN CO., LTD. has about 1,000 cataloged peptides focused on GPCR Ligands and Peptide Neurotoxins and supplies small quantities at low prices.

  • Other Service

    MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
    High performance liquid chromatography

R&D Overview

We will continue to discover candidate substances for
new drug development and grow into a global biopharmaceutical
company through technology transfer and commercialization.


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